Thursday, July 21, 2011

Does Online Giving option increase total giving?

We have seen enough evidence from churches that have signed up for Online Giving that their overall collections have increased because of this option. However, many church administrators, bookkeepers and even pastors are not able to answer this question without collecting data and analyzing it. Even then, they find the results confusing or misleading due to many variable and factors beyond anyone’s control.

Comparing figures for Sunday collections before Online Giving was introduced and after does not have to be very difficult or time consuming. Here is what one church that launched Online Giving in July 2010 discovered with a simple analysis:

Simply add total contributions for all the members that switched to Online Giving for the two years – the year during which they made the switch and the previous year.

This church clearly did everything right when it rolled out the new program and it is obvious that the parishioners enthusiastically embraced the new technology and took advantage of the credit card option for the weekly offertory. As the volume grew, the total cost to the church for the Online Giving option went down and is now averaging 1.75% of total online contributions – a fraction of the increase recorded by the church.

Will your church enjoy the same boost to offertory income as this church did? OSV has several promotional items that will help you with a successful launch and help you achieve results similar to the church mentioned above. We will also be glad to help you with the analysis to determine how to maximize offertory income in a very cost effective way.