Monday, April 15, 2013

Greater Frequency Increases Annual Online Gift Amounts; 4 Points about Parish Benefits

More Parishioners Using Online Giving
We just completed our most recent quarterly review of trends in contributions based on parishes who use Online Giving from Our Sunday Visitor.  A number of our parish customers have more than 20% of active parishioners using Online Giving, with more than a few at or near 50% of parishioners.  Overall we see slightly more ACH (direct withdrawal) used for regular contributions in comparison to credit card,   (around 55% ACH and 45% Credit Card).  Parishioners are starting to use QuickGive more often for one-time gifts and these tend to be done via credit card.

Greater Frequency and Annual Gift Amounts
Parishes who provide parishioners the option to give contributions recurring weekly and bi-weekly see a larger annual donation from those parishioners in comparison to contributions recurring twice monthly,  monthly, quarterly and annually.   Weekly givers are contributing about $1810 annually and bi-weekly givers about $1943 annually.  Twice monthly schedules offer fewer opportunities to give in comparison to bi-weekly, so the annual amount is lower.  Monthly givers donate about $1270 on an annual basis.
Make sure you are providing your parishioners flexibility to give at any time, so that they can work with their particular income schedules. And importantly, so they can make a donation when they are moved to contribute.

Parish Experiences
We have asked a number of our parish customers to track contribution amounts before and after implementing Online Giving.   While the vitality of the parish and the programs and depth of commitment to Stewardship all impact the parish financial results,  they are also willing to say that Online Giving has had a positive impact on the financial health of the parish.  Those parishes who looked specifically a credit card and direct payment gifts documented increases of from 32% to 63% in the amount of the specific parishioner gifts.  Those parishes who looked at overall total contributions saw an increase of from 11% to 32%.  And parish staff is quick to point out that the cash flow during vacation months has smoothed out and in at least one case the Pastor states that “it has saved the parish”.  

Envelopes Continue to Play A Key Role
The significant majority of parishes have continued to use envelopes to reach parishioners on a regular basis.  They have used new designs for their envelopes to focus more on commitment to prayer and time at the parish for parishioners who contribute electronically.  The combination of envelopes and Online Giving has been powerful.  See the graphic below that shows actual parish results:

We continue to work with parishes to help them make the best use of all the tools available to them.  Online Giving has had a positive impact!
Tell us about your experience.

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